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Market intelligence, technology and new solutions for your company

The most complete infrastructure of products and services to meet the electricity demands of your business.

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Electricity management of your business.

A tool that allows our partners to control and manage information easily. You'll have access to:

  • A safe, reliable and confidential environment;
  • Measurement Data Monitoring;
  • Contractual Portfolio Management;
  • Invoice Management;
  • Management of bonds and market results (CCEE);
  • Creating custom management reports.
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Management and representation

Expert advisement on the electric energy market

Both the Free Energy Market and the Regulated Market operate with specific rules that demand specialized and technical knowledge.

With Nova Energia's management, the consumer obtains the advantages of the Free Market combined with the specialization of our team of consultants and technicians.

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Tailored Scope for Power Generators and Consumers

  • Adhesion of the agent and modeling of the plants in the CCEE;
  • Monitoring the Schedule at the CCEE, considering the obligations to be fulfilled in the clearinghouse (Associative Contribution, Contribution of Guarantees, Financial Settlement of the MCP, etc), thus avoiding the application of any penalties;
  • Monitoring and availability of measurement data collected by CCEE;
  • Registration and validation of contracts in accordance with the Trading Procedures;
  • Monitoring of electricity flow (12-month moving average) to avoid the application of penalties and identify possible business opportunities for the plants;
  • Management reports containing operating and performance results;
  • Contract portfolio management and optimization;
  • Monitoring of the TUSD and TUST discount calculation of the incentivized units;
  • Monitoring of amounts accounted for and settled in short-term market, as well as reproduction of calculations performed by the CCEE, for purposes of conference and statistical studies;
  • Consulting on building and operating a commercial strategy;
  • Consulting on strategy for defining annual seasonality;
  • Publication of personalized newsletters with guidance on trends, market scenarios and opportunities arising from this;
  • Technical-regulatory advice whenever there are changes or new concepts in CCEE Trading Rules and Procedures;
  • Representation at CCEE assemblies and meetings;
  • Monitoring and customer support in meetings, if necessary, at CCEE, at Distribution/Transmission Concessionaires, at ANEEL, at the Ministry of Mines and Energy and/or ONS - National System Operator, to support and/or represent the CONTRACTING PARTY in the defense of your interests.
  • Consulting for analysis and optimization of contracted demand with distributors or transmission companies, such as capacity sizing, tariff framework, seasonality and electricity quality.

Market intelligence

Services that reflect the perspective of the sector's future, based on market experience and vision.

Our specialized intelligence in the Free Energy Market helps our customers in decision-making and contracting strategies.