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Our products

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Contract Options

Offers call or put electric power options with previously agreed price and conditions, with premium payment in case of non-exercise.

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Forward contract (fixed-term)

Contracts with pre-defined exercise parameters, which enable the financial hedge necessary to guarantee protection against market volatility.

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Swap Contracts

They provide alternating between different types of electric power, submarkets or periods.

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Collar Contract

These are energy purchase or sale transactions where a goodwill value is established on the Difference Settlement Price (PLD), determined by the CCEE, limited by a maximum price (ceiling price) and a minimum price (floor price).

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Electric Power Derivatives

Derivatives are financial contracts for those who seek to protect themselves from fluctuations in the price of electricity, bilaterally, without the need for physical delivery to the CCEE. They are also sought after by those who want to position themselves in this asset with the expectation of generating results based on the behavior of prices.