Electricity savings, along with the increasingly present need for the power transition, is the new path for your company in the search for efficiency and sustainability.

With technology, innovation and market intelligence, we work for your business to operate with full power, allowing you to focus exclusively on your business.

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General information


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Save More

When the power trading is free, the source is the customer's choice. This leads to more economical options according to the individual characteristics of each consumer.

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Free Choice

The contracted electric energy freely can be conventional or incentivized. Giving your company the option to choose among the various types of power generation those that best meet the market strategy of each company.

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Expert Consultants

Every operation is monitored by Nova Energia specialists, prepared to assist your company in decision-making through the co-creation of solutions in search of better results.

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Decisions based on data and extensive market experience, focusing on renewable, sustainable and efficient energy for your company.

At Nova Energia your decision-making is advised by specialists with high knowledge of the market. Commercial, regulatory and operational advice to ensure peace of mind in your daily life.

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Electric energy management of your business in the palm of your hand.

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Management and Representation

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Specialized consultancy on the free energy market.

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Market Intelligence

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Intelligence services that reflect the perspective of the sector's future, based on market experience and vision.

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