Flexibility, freedom of choice and savings of up to 35% on your electricity bill

Take advantage of the Free Energy Market. Reduce monthly costs, make the best decisions based on data and results monitored by experts and know the best type of contract for your sector and for your company.

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What the Free Energy Market can offer to your company:

Savings and Control

When migrating from the Captive Market to the Free Energy Market, the customer negotiates prices, terms, indexation, and with the support of specialists it can model the best strategy for their company. Savings in relation to the Captive Market can reach up to 35%.

Predictability and Cost Management 

In the Free Energy Market, the customer negotiates electricity consumption in advance. In this way it is not subject to unforeseen price variations in the Captive Market, resulting in a much better budget forecast.

Active participation in the energy transition 

The Free Energy Market allows the choice of power source to be consumed, enabling the construction of ESG (Environmental, social and corporate governance) initiatives.

Supply Security 

As in the captive market, the physical delivery of electric power is carried out by the distributor or local transmission company, with no risk of shortages due to the option to participate in the Free Energy Market.

Who can be a consumer in the free energy market?

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Every electricity consumer unit connected to the grid with a voltage equal to or greater than 13.8 kV and 500 kW of contracted demand.

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Who can be a power generator in the free energy market?

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Any generating unit, from any power source, that has authorization / registration / grant with the National Electric Energy Agency – ANEEL.

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